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STEM programs
Enter the world's top schools, experience the academic atmosphere of the top universities, learn STEM topics through the classroom, and develop your personal potential.
Summer & Cultural programs
A golden chance to visit different top universities and communicate with local students to learn more about the history and culture of different countries and broaden their horizons.
Overseas University Tour
Let you understand the latest enrollment situations and popular subjects and communicate with local students through the visit.
Overseas Internship
Leaving Hong Kong for your favorite country and company, experience the overseas working environment, and equip yourself for the future.

About Us
Trumptech Education Tour Limited is a subdivision of Trumptech (Hong Kong) Ltd, dedicated to offer opportunities of
interactive learning and global exposure through thematic educational tours.
Trumptech (Hong Kong) Limited is a well-established and leading education technology and services provider in Hong Kong supporting students and schools
with quality basic education resource and services. Founded in 1996, Trumptech has worked with renowned organisations, educational institutes and companies in the UK and USA
in delivering top-quality education products and curricula, to promote the development of students' higher-order thinking and learning interest.
In order to broaden students' horizons, arounse their interest in learning and developing their talents, we have been organising summer Programmes for elite students with Imperial College London,
John Hopkins CTY The Center for the Development of the Gifted and Talented (CDGT), University of Cambridge and University of Oxford and etc. since 2007.

Providing students with quality international exchange programmes, we strongly believe that by taking part in our inspiring and rewarding cultural immersion programmes
in top universities, students will be able to construct a global perspective and fully develop their potential for future success.